Arde BASIC + Construction
The ARDE BASIC + system is the basic system for the production of prefabricated ARDE buildings. It is basically a 160mm wooden construction combined with 160mm mineral wool, lined with 12mm thick OSB board and 12.5mm thick KNAUF-Gypsum board. On the outside, the wooden structure is covered with 15 mm thick OSB board. Facade insulation material on the wall is 100 mm thick polystyrene. The finishing of the outer part of the wall is facade plaster. This construction gives extremely good thermal properties that more than meet the legal standards in terms of thermal coefficients, sound and fire protection.

Wall thickness: 302mm
Insulation layer: 100 mm


1 Plasterboard 12,5 mm
2 OSB panel 12,0 mm
3 Main wooden structure 60/160 mm
4 Stone wool 160,0 mm
5 OSB panel 15,0 mm
6  EPS 100,0 mm
7 Plaster 2,0 mm
8 Plastic installation hose

Wall thickness D= 302 mm
Soundproofing Rw=45 dB
Thermal transmittance U=0,157w/m2k
Fireproofing REI= 60 min