K5_HOUSE is a home for a family with children.

The house contains two units. On the ground floor is a living area with kitchen, dining room, toilet, pantry and living room.

Upstairs is a sleeping block that contains study room, two bedrooms with a shared bath and a master bedroom with master bath.

This project is reflected in a modern and elegant design.

Gross ground floor area 108 m2
Gross first floor area 102 m2
Gross covered garage area 40 m2
Gross walk-through balcony area 40 m2
Gross total area 250 m2
Net total area 159,62 m2
Plan: ground floor


1. Entrance
2. Corridor
3. Kitchen
4. Dining room
5. Living room
6. Larder
7. WC
8. Staircase
9. Balcony

Plan: first floor


1. Staircase
2. Corridor
3. Bathroom
4. Childrens' room
5. Parents' room
6. Work space
7. Balcony