D4_HOUSE is two-family design house on two floors. The ground floor contains a living room, dining room, kitchen, toilet, pantry and entrance.

On the first floor of the house there is a living room, a bedroom block with three bedrooms and a bathroom. This type of house is designed for families who is looking for comfort and privacy.

Gross ground floor area 140,30 m2
Gross first floor area 148,70 m2
Gross total area 289 m2
Net total area 229,06 m2
Plan: ground floor


1. Corridor
2. Technical room
3. WC
4. Kitchen
5. Staircase
6. Dining room
7. Living room
8. Balcony

Plan: first floor


1. Staircase
2. Corridor
3. Bathroom
4. Childrens' room
5. Parents' room
6. Living room