ARDE line is a concept of modern and safe construction.

ARDE LINE company is engaged in the production of modern prefabricated buildings. The company emerged from the family carpentry business with a 30-year long tradition in woodworking and façade and interior joinery production.

ARDE gathers enthusiasts and prospective people working together as a team to create contemporary and ecological architecture. We are partners for your dream home! Our dedicated and experienced architects and craftsmen will turn your requests and wishes into reality.

Let us build you a home and we’ll let you enjoy every step of the process.

ARDE LINE offers the complete package – from planning and design to construction and final touches. It’s up to you to choose the level of finishing and our company will be there to put it into practice.

ARDE LINE review of the natural environment

By using wood in the production process, as the main raw material from nature, and then other renewable materials, we wanted to completely give an ecological stamp to our product.

There is more and more talk about preserving nature and protecting the environment, which was our main benchmark when creating our product.

Our main goal is for each of our clients to get a healthy natural environment for their life, and thus we reduce energy consumption and natural resources.

ARDE LINE is your reliable and secure construction partner

ARDE line has a closed under-one-roof production cycle.
Production starts with raw wood processing in the initial stage and continues with preparation of other elements: slabs, insulating materials and various water, moisture and vapor protection components.

Prepared elements then enter the assembly stage, mounted according to the project. Facade joinery is mounted in ready-formed walls. Elements are then packed in semi-manufactured modular units and transported to the construction site by trucks. Finally, the assembly takes 2-5 days depending on the size of the facility.

The highest quality of construction is guaranteed, as evidenced by the large number of constructed facilities on the European and domestic market, as well as a large number of satisfied customers, who with their help translated their requirements and ideas into their homes.

Ovaj period označava početak novog poglavlja u našem poslovanju. Kompanija razvija svoje poslovanje na područje Austrije.

Osnivanjem firme “Arde Haus,” naša kompanija nudi svoje proizvode i usluge na tržište evropskih zemalja nemačkog govornog područja. Prateći sistem dosadašnjeg rada domaće firme “Arde Line”, “Arde Haus” nastavlja u istom smeru, investirajući u izgradnju stambenih nekretnina na području Austrije.

Stalnim usavršavanjem našeg poslovanja, obukom naših radnika i konstantnim ulaganjem, prisutni smo u većem broju evropskih zemelja-poštujući njihove zahteve i standarde.

A tek smo počeli!


The countries we built in

  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • Croatia
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • France
Development of a conceptual solution
Development of a production project
Processing of wood and other raw materials
Assembly of elements

Transport to the construction site

Assembly and production

Delivery of the finished object

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