About us
The mission of the Arda team is to create an ecologically healthy living space that adapts to the needs and requirements of customers.
The company emerged from the family carpentry business with a 30-year long tradition in woodworking and façade and interior joinery production. ARDE gathers enthusiasts and prospective people working together as a team to create contemporary and ecological architecture.
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Current projects

Arde line presents to you a residential building with floors P + 3, of 1000 m2 in Siegen, Germany.

Special attention is paid to meeting the high requirements of fire protection. The building consists of 20 functional housing units, and high quality and certified materials on the market have been used and installed.

Also, the choice of sound and thermal insulation was crucial, in order to enable extremely comfortable, convenient and pleasant living and stay. It took a month of installation organized by Arde line to assemble such a facility in the gray phase. Painting and installation works are currently being carried out on the building

we are soon building a residential complex in Nis

Technical characteristics
ARDE construction system is based on modern principles and world trends. Our product represents the harmony of a modern production system combined with human labor, ecological and modern materials. This is a combination for living in a healthy space.

We offer you original solutions and modern design of the building. We have adapted our business to a healthy and modern stay of people in a sustainable and economical unit.

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